All About Golf Shirts

In golf, apparel is always a big factor. And although you can wear any shirt while playing your game, it is advisable to wear a shirt specifically designed for playing golf. There are golf shirts available made of materials specially designed for playing golf.

A golf shirt is a T-shaped shirt with a collar, with a slit below the collar, two to three buttons down the slit. This golf shirt may also have an optional pocket. You’ll usually find these shirts made of cotton.

Golf shirts are available at any golf apparel dealer or any golf merchandise dealer; most of them offer golf shirts of different materials, colors, styles, and sizes.  You can purchase the best quality golf shirt online via

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If you want a personalized golf shirt, you can avail yourself of embroidered or woven shirts in novelty and apparel shops specializing in personalized golf shirts. You can have your shirt designed with an embroidered name, club logo, etc.

Tips to Find the Best Golf Shirt for You

If you’re new at golfing, you might just want to compliment your golfing gear and equipment with the right golf apparel – and that includes a golf shirt.

Finding the right golf shirt will require a little research, too, just like your equipment and gear. Be sure to find out what among the many golf shirts available best suits you. Consider your body size.

Ask your apparel shops about what type of material and styles will best suit a specific body type and body size. Make sure you are comfortable and that the shirt won’t affect your swings during the game.