All You Need To Know About GMC MultiPro Tailgate

The 2019 GMC Sierra advances the MultiPro Tailgate – a new type of pickup truck tailgate that depicts “the segment’s most unique tailgate ever”, according to GMC. You can also look for the best GMC multipro tailgate through various online sources.

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Exclusively GMC and an industry first, the MultiPro Tailgate strives to be functional and flexible while minimizing effort and maximizing performance with the following four new positions that were previously never possible on a pickup truck:

-Improved second level loading and unloading solution

-A standing workstation

-Easier access to items in the box

-A step entry and egress form that, when joined with the assist handle, gives both step and seated functionality


Sierra's new MultiPro tailgate is made of aluminum.


The MultiPro tailgate offers proven strength and durability as it has gone through more testing and validation than any other pickup truck in GM history.


The GMC MultiPro tailgate has few positions on the 2019 Sierra.

1. Main gate: Open the main gate with the power key release, from inside the truck or from the gate switch.

2. Primary Gate Load Stop: When the master lock is unlocked, the load brake helps prevent objects from slipping out of the box.

3. Foldable Inner Gate For Simple Access: The inner lid folds down for easy access when loading and unloading the box.