Does Your Wood Decking Need Maintenance And Care?

Homeowners want products that are easy to install and maintain. Certain materials can do that, up to a point. Treated wood decking is an excellent choice for strength and durability, without the need to do a lot of maintenance.

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The wood has been pressure treated to prevent it from rotting or insect attacks. You don't need to paint or stain the wood. Untreated woods, like cedar or pine, can lose their original appearance quickly without staining or painting. 

They will turn grey and rot from moisture exposure. This type of protection is not necessary for treated wooden decking. While an additional coating may help preserve the original color and shine, it is not required for protection.

You can tint wood with many different treatments. If you wish, the timber can be stained or repainted to change its color. It is entirely up to the homeowner to make this decision. You can create a variety of patterns, designs, and decorating schemes with stained or treated decking.

Your treated wooden decking is protected against rot for many years. However, it can still get dirty. Outdoor living spaces are bound to make a mess. You should clean your decking at least once a year to prevent it from getting stained or becoming slippery. 

Use a wood cleaner that is specifically designed for treating timber. To get into any cracks and grooves, use a scrub brush. High pressure is not a good idea as it will cause the treatment to remain in place.

The wood should be inspected by homeowners in order to avoid any problems. You can reduce slivers or splinters by lightly sanding your deck every now and again.