Drug Free Hair Growth Solutions

You have been losing your hair for quite some time and are probably wondering if there are any drug-free hair growth solutions for your situation. 

The truth is there are many drug-free treatments available that can give you hair volume solution results as pharmaceutical drugs and without the side effects that are so common with prescription drugs. 

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In addition, you should exercise regularly and eat proper amounts of food in order to benefit fully from these solutions. 

These solutions include:

· Rosemary extract: This herbal product is found in many foods and aids in hair regrowth and the prevention of hair loss when taken daily and incorrect amounts.

· Horsetail extract: Horsetail extracts contain silica that helps in increasing the strength of the hair follicles and fasten the hair growth process.

· Amla oil: Amla oil is a mixture of coconut oil and amla. It increases hair growth considerably and halts further hair loss. It is imperative to mix the Alma juice and coconut properly so as to achieve the desirable effects.

Other drug-free treatments for hair loss can include the intake of essential nutrients such as vitamin A, which promotes the growth of cells and tissues throughout the body. 

Sources for vitamin A include red, yellow, and orange fruits and vegetables as well as dark green vegetables, liver, fish oil, and eggs.

You should also exercise regularly and stay out of stressful situations which helps the blood to flow to the hair follicles therefore the needed nutrients can get to the hair follicles.