Information on How a gas mask works

You need to learn how to use your gas mask before you can wear it. This article will explain what gas masks are. 

What is a gas mask?

Gas masks are used to protect against poison and toxic gases. These masks are made of black rubber and metal, which can make them very hot to wear. It is necessary to transport it around in a box. Although it keeps you safe, it can also make you sweaty and hot. You can purchase a complete gas mask kit via for protection. 


Gas masks have holes that open and close to allow you to drink. The mask also has a vacuum to trap the gas in and keep it safe. The gas mask also has a strap, a filter, a voice changer, and an air tank. There are also fresh air pumps inside the mask. You can use the voice changer (V.C.) to change your country. The only options are American, British, American, and Scottish.


It works by taking in the poison and placing it in a container. When it is full, the gas moves it to another place (rather than within the gas mask). It is essential to have one of these gas masks in your arsenal when you are facing an enemy attack on your town or village. It allows you to breathe as the gas is removed.

You should be ready to put the gas mask on at any moment. You must be able to quickly put on the gas mask if a bomber plane flies over. I hope that you now know how to use it.