Learn More About Urology Treatments

Phallus dysfunction, a common problem in urology, can be caused by a number of psychological or physical conditions. It is a serious disorder that can impact all aspects of intimacy and pleasure, as well as the quality of your life.

It is important for both men and women to seek treatment as soon as possible. An avascular disease that alters or restricts blood flow to the genitals is the main cause of most dysfunction issues. It could be caused by diabetes, hypertension, or coronary artery disease. You may also experience side effects from medications. When discussing treatment, it is important to determine the cause. To get treatment from the specialist, you can also visit the Toowoomba clinic via https://toowoombaspecialists.com.au/.

Hydronephrosis, a common condition, is when the kidneys become too full due to the inability to excrete enough urine. This condition is common in urology. It may be caused by obstruction of the urinary system. This condition can be either acute or chronic, and symptoms may vary depending on the severity. 

Patients may report blood in their urine, fever, kidney stones, or signs of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Hydronephrosis can be severe. Lower extremity swelling and fluid retention can occur. This condition is often treated with pain management and prevention of infection. Surgery is usually required unless the obstruction is caused by a kidney stone.

Due to the increasing number of patients living longer, urinary incontinence is a very common condition in urology.