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2 Free 3D Modeling Software For Beginners

3D modeling relies on the technical knowledge and the artistic side of a person. Some spatial awareness and visualization skills are advisable to make the modeling process an easier task.

To get started with the modeling of 3D objects, you need to get to the grips with 3D modeling VisFrame’s 3D Configurator software. There’s a wide range of modeling software one can choose from and the software is considered good or bad by a 3D modeler if it fits or not his preferences and capabilities to work in it.

SketchUp – is free open-source 3D modeling software that enables beginners to get acquainted in a friendly and interactive manner with the functionalities and tools it has. It is the software that you can learn easily, offering user-friendly tools for 3D modeling in a way never experienced before.

SketchUp makes available video tutorials, getting starting guide and self-paced tutorials for the beginners, guiding them through the process from start to end. SketchUp community help forum and SketchUp blog provide tips and tricks in 3D modeling, keeping you updated on the recent advancements in the 3D modeling niche.

Blender – is a popular, free, and open-source 3D software among 3D modelers. It has the biggest community, offering a wide array of modeling tools, such as edge slide, collapse, and dissolve, grid and bridge fill, keyboard shortcuts for a fast and smooth workflow. It provides fast rigging, animation, sculpting, UV unwrapping, video editing toolsets, making 3D modelers’ work easier. 

It is also packed with various images, videos, and 3D programs. Although offering all these unlimited possibilities to all 3D modelers, Blender is considered a little bit difficult for first-timers.

However, if you take your time to discover all its features and the functional possibilities it can offer, Blender can become one of those 3D modeling tools that will push your capabilities to new heights.