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What is a Gas Turbine Engine?

A gas turbine engine is a type of engine that uses compressed air and gasses to create power. They are used in aircraft, ships, and some land vehicles. Gas turbines are very efficient and produce a lot of power for their size. They are also relatively quiet and relatively fuel-efficient.

How Does a Gas Turbine Engine Work?

A Gas turbine engine  is a type of piston engine that uses compressed air as the working fluid. The air is heated by the combustion of fuel to create mechanical power. Gas turbines are used in aircraft, naval vessels, and industrial applications.

The gas turbine engine has several advantages over other types of piston engines. These advantages include: high efficiency, low emissions, low noise levels, and high speed.

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The gas turbine engine operates by compressing air and using it to turn a shaft. This shaft sends the engine’s power to the propeller or fan for propulsion. The high efficiency of a gas turbine engine results from the fact that the air is compressed very rapidly and then turned very quickly. 

This combination results in a high degree of power transfer. Without using the engine’s exhaust gasses, the engine would not be able to operate as a gas turbine. The exhaust gasses are used to provide additional power for the turbine and electric generators. The motors also have their own shaft that is driven by their jet stream.