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The Types of Signs Every Building Needs In Australia

Commercial buildings need a variety of signs to make an impact and provide important information to visitors. From prominent entry signs to low-key bathroom signs, signs are an important aspect of any public structure. Here are a few things you'll need to keep the necessary information displayed in and around the building.

Entry signs can be a neon sign that stands out or is sunken and elegant, but they all serve to identify the building or business within. Buildings that house multiple companies are often best presented with a sign, which has a large frame to accommodate several smaller signs. The top of the frame will contain the name of the building, while the smaller markings identify the company within it. You can also take help from Australias #1 building signs maker via Splash Colour Imaging.

The character of the building is not limited to the outside of the building. In fact, most of the building signs will be inside. Office and medical buildings make it easier for visitors by placing a sign directly on the door. The name of the company or doctor and their room number are listed on these signs. 

As tenants come and go, it is best to choose a signature style that allows for easy change. If the building is large or spread out, directions can identify the room numbers in each aisle. Combined with signs, they also make it easier for first-time visitors to find their destination.

Interior door signage is another type of building sign. You simply identify which businesses are in the room, but it's important for visitors to know they've found the right place.