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Matcha – The Green Tea Of All Green Teas

For many, the thought that you drink a green drink made with a powdery substance, and taste a bit fishy isn't a very appealing idea. However, in reality, the popularity of matcha is growing as one of the latest trends not just for those with a healthy and aesthetic outlook however, it is also becoming popular in the market in general. 

Its presence in popular cafes like Starbucks and CCD, including the brand newly launched Matcha Latte, is further evidence of its rising popularity. Teabags, beware there's a brand new method to drink the antioxidant cold matcha latte drink that doesn't require the process of steeping. 

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What exactly is matcha? Simply stated matcha is the greenest tea that is the most green of all teas. It is the first harvesting of young leaves of green tea and the subsequent pulverization of them into a fine green powder that is stored in small tins, and available in tea shops throughout Japan. 

A small portion of this powder is mixed using a small amount of warm water in small bowls, it becomes a liquid that is almost frothy. The mix is then added to the rest of the warm water, and voila!

To find out more to find out answers, visit the local specialty coffee and tea stores. They probably already have matcha tins on display.