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After School Programs That Define Core Values

Just like parents, children can live a pretty busy life with all the learning and activities in school. It may be excessive to enroll them in more activities after school.

As busy as both parents and children are after-school programs are increasing in large numbers and most of them are fully booked. Truth is, there is a real need for these programs and activities judging from the trend.

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So why are we keeping our kids so busy? This is mainly due to parents not being available. Most parents have work obligations and cannot look after their kids right when they get out of school. This is the leading cause for the growth in the after-school programs.

Statistically, children spend anywhere between 15-30 hours a week without anyone watching them. There is an old saying, "An idle mind is a devil's playground". Children who are left alone without something constructive to do will eventually fall in with the wrong crowd.

 Without parental supervision, getting into smoking, drugs, alcohol, and crime is very easy to do. This is especially true when they are being influenced by the wrong kind of people.

This would explain why so many parents enroll their children in the various programs that are available after school. It is to keep their kids occupied in a productive manner with the addition of having adult supervision.