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Spot The Most Common Cannabis Plant Deficiencies By Leaf Symptoms


If you are going to clone some of your cannabis plants, we will assume that you are an advanced breeder.

However, that doesn't mean that ventilation isn't worth mentioning in this article as it is so important to the health of your clone. Here are a few things to note:

• Clones are like small seeds. You are fragile. Excessive humidity creates perfect conditions for air pollutants like mold and mildew. Ventilation can help maintain good humidity for room cloning.

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• "Flow" ventilation (HEPA filter recommended) is more important than "outlet" ventilation. The clones don't produce much odor, so there's no need to filter the air from the room.

However, fresh air should be regularly brought indoors to "recycle" the air, keeping it clean and maintaining relative humidity.

• Even though your clones are on closed plates, they must breathe! It is important to open the tray for a few minutes each day to cool the air in the tray. This is also an opportunity to check him for any early signs of disease or pests.

Successful cannabis plant cloning is one of the most complex aspects of growing cannabis for beginners, and it can remain awkward even with years of experience.

These useful tips will usually get great results, but trial and error is still the best way to "feel" the cuttings.