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The Benefits of Using Natural Soap Bars Over Commercial Soap Bars

Natural soap bar are safe for all skin types , including sensitive skin. They do not have chemicals like commercial soap bars, which could contain alcohols, animal fats, esthers (known carcinogens) as well as low grade wax, oils and fillers.

One of the benefits of using natural soap bars from sites like https://www.musa-gold.com is that they don't contain animal fats, they can reduce the soap scum that can be found in your bath and shower when you use commercial soaps.

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Natural soap does not remove your skin's natural oils. This means your skin will feel more soft and smoother than dry and itchy after using soap bars that are sold in stores.

The soap bars are made from coconut and sunflower, palm rice bran and castor and beans oils. They are hand-crafted by using the cold-process method where the ingredients mix at a lower temperature. This method retains the natural goodness of bases oils as well as essential oils.

Through the process of saponification, huge quantities of glycerin are created. Glycerin helps prevent dry skin and irritation through its moisturizing properties. Commercial soaps typically have the glycerin removed in order to create the soap harder. It is easy to notice the difference with our hand made soap by rubbing it against the dry bar.

Natural soap that is hand-crafted must be experienced in order for it to be appreciated fully.

Made from natural, handcrafted, soap that is made by hand, comes thrilling scents. The amazing makers of soap have the creative flair that commercial businesses do not have when it comes to making soap bars that are bursting with fresh and interesting scents.