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How Automated Sales Processes Get Benefits From Product Configurator

Companies that sell configured commodities are faced with sustainable challenges to provide all product information to their customers, clearly display all options and configurations contained in the product, and allow customers to choose the desired configuration.

The traditional approach is for companies to have all data on certain types that can be configured, such as: in a print catalogue or static web page, and provide instructions to customers about how to make their own individual configuration. To find out more about 3D product configurator services, you can browse the internet.

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The system that automates the entire product purchase process that can be significantly configured increases productivity and reduces costs for the company.

What is the product configuration?

The product configuration system gives users all important commodity information in a clear and understandable format and helps users create a complete configuration for various types of items.

Take an example of an AC manufacturer that sells to contractors for installation in large locations such as warehouses. The typical air conditioning system contains several functions that you can choose depending on the application, cooling zone, height, consumption requirements and more.

Users must be presented with various basic models that he can choose and then tailored to their needs. This is usually a multi-step process to choose these features. The configuration system allows users to do several configuration and construction steps