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Experience Private Yacht Charter In Riviera Maya

What's the magic of a private yacht charter? It's all about total solitude, personal service, gourmet food, absolute comfort and seclusion, watersports if you prefer, and no fixed itinerary. Even the yacht captain will generally suggest the ideal itinerary and also will know the cruising area very well, the best harbors, quietest beaches, and top snorkeling or scuba places.

However, the option is yours, the itinerary is flexible to suit your own needs: If you find an area you especially love, then you're able to spend additional time over there. All you have to need is book private yacht charter via H2Oh Sun Cruises website to experience the real Riviera Maya. 


Feast on world-class cuisine and wine. Relax in the splendid comfort of your yacht and enjoy the crew services sitting at your place.

An ideal place to hire a Private yacht charter would be at Riviera Maya. This place, locally called Mayan Riviera, is known as the Cancun – Tulum corridor. It is very famous for its vacationers.

It houses many small ancient boutique hotels. They've rising luxury villas to provide for their guests. Additionally, they possess yacht charters that signify their tourism accommodation.

Riviera Maya’s leading attractions are both reef and coastal aquatic activities. Having a private yacht charter would be an awesome experience that will give you memories to cherish for a lifetime.

If you have sailoring experience, the fully crewed charter will be the opportunity to sail into a luxury-class yacht, you can do as little or as much sailing as and when you desire. Marvelous gourmet meals have been served and prepared with your chef. You're going to be utterly pampered by the crew members. With no responsibilities, enjoy the sumptuous experience at your yacht.