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Top 3 Tips- What To Write In A Memorial Card In Cork

Share a Memory

If you knew the deceased person well enough to have past experiences, then share a memory with their loved ones. Not only will memories help you with the healing process, but the recipient of your card will love hearing stories. 

Your memory can be a funny story or experience that the two of you shared together. It is not inappropriate to tell a humorous story; it shows how great the deceased person was. Perhaps you were coworkers, and you appreciated their work effort and want to share that with their loved ones. You can even hire a professional printing company for your quality guaranteed memorial cards in Cork.

Show Gratitude

Sending a sympathy note and adding a message about how much you appreciate and are grateful for your loved one will mean so much. It will help with the grieving process and bring peace to hear about others loving their family members as much as they did.

Offer your condolence in a card or letter by showing how grateful you have known that person. Gratitude is a great attribute to express when you know a person that has passed away but may not have specific stories to share about them. It is also a gift to hear how much others may have appreciated them and loved them as much as the family did. 

Ways to Express Condolences

Addressing the grief that the family and loved ones are feeling during this time is entirely appropriate. Letting a person know that you are thinking of them and their feelings during this time is important. Do not avoid the conversation or try to soften the topic. Showing empathy in a time of great sorrow is the best approach to offering condolences.