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Why You Need Rodent Control This Winter in Melbourne

Rodent control is the process of removing and eliminating rodents from your home or office. During wintertime in Melbourne, rodents tend to look for warmer places to stay. This means that they will like to hide out under your house or up in the ceiling where they keep warm, breed and generally go unnoticed until you start seeing signs you have rodents in your home. Rodents are nocturnal creatures, they are awake during the night time. When you go to bed at night rodents will come out and look for food and water. Rodent control is best done by a professional service that specialises in rodent removal. 

photo of a dead rodent

Rodents Need to Chew And Nibble On Hard Objects

You need rodent control when you notice noises in your roof, in the walls or under your house. This is because rodents have to nibble, chew and bite on hard items such as wood, water pipes, and any item that they can find. Rodents have to do this to prevent their teeth from growing too long. pay attention to any small sounds that you may hear at night because this is one sign that you need rodent control. 

You Need Rodent Control To Protect Against Disease

Rodents such as rats and mice carry different types of pathogens. These pathogens are organisms that can cause all sorts of diseases if a person becomes infected. In the past, rodents spread diseases such as the bubonic plague. Not trying to scare you, but it is a good reason to get a rodent inspection for your property. 

Rodents also can carry blood-sucking mites. These mites can also affect humans with a condition called rat mite dermatitis. Rodent control will prevent you and your family from possible disease and health issues. 

Rodents Eat Anything You Do

The best way to protect against rodent invasion is to make sure your kitchen is cleaned every day, no food is left lying around in bedrooms and your floors are vacuumed regularly. Rodents like to eat all types of food, from seeds to fruits. They will also eat pretty much anything humans will eat. Rodents will come out at night looking for food scraps to munch on. They will also be looking for water to drink. Having a clean and tidy home can prevent rodents. 

If you have concerns that you may have a rodent infestation it is best to contact a local service provider who specialises in rodent control. Melbourne winter starts around April, so this is when rodents are starting o look for warm places to live.