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Tips for Sharing Kitchens in Austin

I’ve moved a lot in my 31 years. Since I left home for college, I’ve had a new apartment approximately every six months and usually, new roommates, too. In total, I’ve cohabitated with 42 different humans.

Along with those humans came dozens of different kitchens so as an avid home cook, I quickly learned to streamline the coupling and uncoupling of saucepans, spices, and spoons.

Whether your new roomie is only for a few months or for forever, sharing your kitchen can make the process go much more smoothly. You can rent a shared kitchen in Austin through https://prepatx.com/kitchens.

1. Keep only what you need.

Ever been barely able to open a drawer due to the utensils stuffed within it? Or had to push mugs around for 45 seconds before finding an arrangement that allows you to close the door? Yeah, you don’t want that to be your kitchen. So avoid the temptation to stuff your new space with every single piece of cookware you own.

2. Do not split new purchases.

When you decide to shop for those missing items, decide who’s going to pay for what. Although it’s tempting to split the costs, I’ve found it’s easier when stuff is either yours or your roommate’s. Because, when you move out, are you really going to ask your roommate to buy you out of that toaster? Probably not. It’s easier for you to buy the toaster, and for him to buy the blender. Then when you split ways, it’s all good!

3. Make an actual list.

Before bringing any products into your new kitchen, make a list of all the items you’re contributing, including pots, pans, utensils, and spices. Although it might seem tedious, you’ll thank me later. Right now, you know exactly which items are yours, but you’ll quickly assimilate to everything in your kitchen especially if you live together for a while. Believe me: When you move out, you’ll be so happy you have a list revealing whether that muffin tin was yours or your housemate’s.

Benefits Of A Shared Kitchen

The most obvious benefit of shared kitchen space is the cost savings it gives. Rather than paying the huge monthly rent for your own dedicated space, you can share the costs with other food companies. You can also rent PREP ATX commercial kitchens in Austin.

This aspect is particularly beneficial for those who do not want permanent kitchen space. For instance, if you're a food producer who essentially only has to make food on the weekends, then it doesn't make any reason to spend the whole month's rent where you contribute less than half the time.

In addition, this space is normally provided with complete accessories. So you don't have to pay for new instruments or basic kitchen facilities. 

Of course, you pay the privilege of using this item in your monthly membership fee. However, you don't have to bother buying these items.

They are also usually designed to fully comply with your local grocery sales regulations. All commercial kitchens must meet standards of safety, cleanliness, and many other characteristics. 

Learning and applying these standards can be difficult at times, especially for new entrepreneurs. So in a shared kitchen, you can really make this process easier.

In many places, food businesses can prepare food for sale that they produce at home. However, this household kitchen must also meet legal standards. And some states it does not permit home kitchens to work commercially.