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Take Your Love Of SUP Yoga To The Next Level

Given the growing popularity of SUP Yoga or a SUP Yoga Teaching Certificate are a selling point for your yoga business and an opportunity to spread the excitement of this amazing way of practicing yoga.

SUP Yoga combines SUP with yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation and is a unique yoga practice that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. You can get more information about best standup paddle board yoga training https://www.supyogacenter.com/online-teacher-training.

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Yoga SUP can be performed on calm water surfaces – sea, lake, canal, or even in a swimming pool – making it a flexible training option. SUP builds basic strength, balance, and endurance – in combination with yoga poses, the body and mind are challenged through intense focus, concentration, and self-confidence. Perfect meditation in motion that floats on water.

While this unique practice often amazes yoga teachers, many feel overwhelmed by the practical considerations of running a class smoothly. This course covers all of these topics so students can teach fully equipped and with confidence.

This SUP yoga teacher training offers 20 hours of CEU from the Yoga Alliance and shows your potential students your competence in managing this kind of class.

You don't have to be an experienced rower to take this course. SUP turns out to be easy to master and by the end of our course, you will be a confident rower. However, being able to practice before class can help you feel more confident in practicing asanas.