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A Guide To The Types Of Steel Lintels

One of the fastest-growing areas is steel lintels, but people often ask about the various types of steel lintels available. You should know about the different types before purchasing the steel lintels. Each type can be accessed on its page. However, the upcoming paragraph will provide information about each type as well as its general characteristics and applications. Cavity sizes ranging from 50mm to 150mm are common in most cavity lintels.

Vestal 4.5-in x 3.5-in x 78-in Steel Lintel in the Lintels department at Lowes.com

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Standard steel lintels

They are the same as the standard cavity lintels. They can be used in many different applications and are versatile. Each leaf can be used with bricks or blocks up to 98mm in diameter. Heavy-duty versions are also available.

Wide inner leaf lintels

Wide inner leaf lintels are also known for their wide inner leaf lintels. These lintels have a larger leaf on the inside and are suitable for supporting a blockwork inner leaf between 125mm and 150mm.

Wide outer leaf lintel 

WOLs have a larger leaf on the exterior. These are ideal for blockwork or stonework that is 125mm-150mm in size.

Short-outer leaf lintel 

Like most lintels made of steel, SOL steel lintels have HD (heavy-duty) versions. These lintels have a 78mm outer leaf, which is used for cant brick or head detail.

Rolled steel lintels 

For extreme loading conditions, rolled steel (RS) or rolled steel channel lintels (RSC), are available. These lintels are for larger openings and have a red-oxide finish.

Timber frames

Timber frame (or TR) lintels do not have an inner leaf but are meant to be attached to the timber frames. The appropriate number of restraining clips is included with all lintels