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What Is Vocational Training?


1. What is a career coach?

Career coaches are experts in working with people who want to increase their job satisfaction, change jobs or change their careers. You can also look for the Leadership development program for the coaching process. 

You are competent in job interviews and counseling interviews and have specialized knowledge of the complex cognitive processes involved in choosing a career and maintaining resilience. 

A Call to Support Professional Development for Early Career Researchers

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2. Career coaches will:

Try to understand your life/work values, your life goals and find a career to suit them. The closer your work is to these critical values, the happier and more satisfied you will feel.

Find out which job is right for you based on your talents, education, personality, and ambitions. They can be discovered through general discussion, testing, and exploratory questions.

3. Career coaches do not:

Make decisions for yourself. Research shows that decisions made by individuals themselves lead to much greater personal satisfaction and motivation to continue living with them. 

The coach's goal is to assist decision-making by helping you understand your values, increasing your awareness of important subconscious factors that can continue to cause problems in decision making, and helping you identify and recognize barriers to overcoming the gates.

4. What specific tools does a career coach offer me that can help me?

A career coach can provide a computer-based assessment tool or tools that can classify your personal style, ideal career opportunities, and/or strengths/weaknesses in the workplace. These tools have been tested for accuracy and suitability.

5. What results can you expect from a good career coach?

After training you should have one or more of the following results:

Increased self-awareness and orientation

Clarity about career goals and job search