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Tongue Tie Treatment With Laser Dentistry in Lexington, MA

Laser dentistry plays a part in treating several disorders, those brought on by the physical, aesthetic, and social results. Laser treatment can also be used to treat a tongue-tie, which dental clinics are frequently utilizing to deal with.

How does tongue-tie affect an infant or child?

In the tongue tie issue, a little tissue termed as frenulum formed and the corrective operation frenectomy, or more especially, a lingual frenectomy is needed to be performed.

The result is a decrease in the mobility of the tongue because of the shortage of space in the mouth. The physical, aesthetic, and social complications caused by tongue-tie may be helped with dental laser processes.


Feeding problems occur in babies as the tongue problems may prevent ordinary latching onto the nipple. Having meals from certain parts of the mouth may become a problem in later maturity.

Gingiva is another possibility that might become evident as the little one develops. The speech could be negatively influenced while the tongue motion is decreased and the capability to speck word noises is also influenced.

In infrequent instances where the tongue is observable, embarrassing social interaction can happen due to this issue. Gaps and gum disturbance connected with tongue-tie may change appearance and influence self-esteem or personal interactions. Hence, it becomes important to treat this issue.