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Different Types of Topsoil in New South Wales

Topsoil is created naturally through a slow process of weathering rocks and decaying organic matter causing them to break down into very small parts. Typically, it takes around 100 years for every inch (2.5cm) to be formed.

Here are Different Types of Topsoil: 

Each soil has its unique properties and is best for different situations. Below we describe each type of soil and some of its ideals uses to help you decide on which type of topsoil to use. You can write lawn topsoils near me in your browser's search box to get the different types of topsoils.

Clay Soil: It's made up of very small particles with spaces between them which means the soil holds a high amount of water, drains slowly, and takes longer to warm up in the spring and summer. Clay soils remain wet and cold in winter and dry out in the summer, often causing them to crack.

Sandy Soil: Sandy soils are characteristically light and dry due to their high proportion of sand and small amounts of clay. It's made up of the largest particles among the different soil types and is quicker to warm up than clay soils, but also tends to dry out in the summer. 

Among other things, topsoil can contain:

  • Micro-organisms

  • Worms

  • Fungi

  • Bacteria

Topsoil can vary in color, content, texture, and pH level. Depending on the area you live in, it may be more alkaline or acidic. Good quality topsoil should have a pH value of between 5.5 and 7.5 – mildly acidic to slightly alkaline – to ensure most plants can absorb nutrients from the ground.