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The Benefits Of Motorized Awnings In Tucson

Comfort is the main advantage of retractable awnings. They make it possible to sit outside without being directly exposed to the hot sun. But there are other advantages to having motorized awnings for decks and patios, as well.

Made of heavy-duty aluminum and fade-resistant fabrics, a motorized patio awning:

  • Protects people and pets from harmful UV rays,

  • Extends your outdoor living space,

  • Helps control the climate within your home, and

  • Prevents your furniture and window coverings from fading.

The ease of operation with the Tucson awnings and screens controls gives you the ultimate convenience. If a hazy day turns sunny or a sunny day suddenly becomes cloudy, you can compensate for changing temperatures by simply pressing a button. If you are outside, you can bask in the sun for a bit with the awning open and quickly close it to prevent getting too much sun.


Storm And Sun Protection

Motorized awnings can be fitted with sensors that detect changing weather conditions and the position of the sun. Even if you are in the house attending to other things or away from the house altogether, the sensors will signal the awning to automatically retract when wind gusts exceed a certain speed or when the sun reaches a certain position.

In the case of sudden winds, the awning retracts quickly, only slowing down as it approaches the end. This is important since high winds can quickly twist an awning, damaging both the awning and your home in the process. 

The metal and fabric that comprise the awning are protected and will expand to cover your porch or deck once the storm has passed.

Programming the sensors to detect the sun’s positioning helps protect your patio furniture and keep the inside of your home cool. This is particularly true if your patio gets full sun exposure all or most of the day. 

Everything from UV rays to light rain can be handled easily with motorized retractable awnings. The acrylic fabric is fade-resistant and lets you outsmart the weather for more enjoyment of your Florida home.