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Cremation Urns Used To Meet Unique Needs By Keeping The Memories Alive

Due to the current financial situation, many people have started using cremation than expensive funeral services. You will need to choose the right type of urn for your cremated ashes if you are considering cremation as part of your memorial plan. You can visit trupointmemorials.com/collections/keep-sake-urns to buy urns for your loved ones. 

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Here are some options of urns to choose from.

Basic Urns:

The traditional urns you will find on top of pedestals or mantles. You can make them from metal, wood, and marble. This type of urn can preserve the memories of a loved one who has passed away and could be passed onto future generations.

Keepsake Urns

In certain situations, families may wish to share the ashes of their loved ones among themselves. Keepsake urns can be used to keep the appropriate amount of cremation ashes due to the smaller size than traditional urns. These allow each relative to keep a small amount of the loved one's cremation ashes.

Lifestyle Urns

Lifestyle urns are not the same as traditional cremation urns. There are many people who want their loved ones to be buried in coffins with piano shapes or other themed caskets. However, lifestyle urns can reflect the hobbies and passions of the deceased. They can be engraved with photos of favorite pastimes, such as surfing, golfing, or military service. You could make several into allegorical forms, such as cowboy boots, cars, and motorbikes.

Companion Urns

Companion Urns are for couples who love each other and want to be together until the end. These urns are designed to contain the cremains of both individuals. Many companion urns are large enough to hold the combined ashes of two people.