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How VOIP Phone Service Works?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. These phones are also commonly referred to as Voice over IP or Voice over

Internet. It is a way of using analog audio signals, like on your regular phone, and turning these signals into digital data that are transmitted over the Internet instead of over conventional phone lines.

How does it Work?

A Voip phone facility in Raleigh can operate on any computer that has broadband connectivity. If you have a headset/microphone,

along with a VoIP phone system set-up or software program installed on your computer, you can place calls from your computer or laptop to anywhere in the broadband-connected world. Assuming that your friends have the same software set-up or have a VOIP Phone Service from many of the commercial providers, you should be able to communicate, i.e. talk to each other.

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It basically works by sending small packets of data from one computer to another over the Internet. And since it uses the

Internet, the route these data transfers take is as varied and as wide as the Internet itself. You call a phone number and the

data is sent to your VoIP company's call processor. The call processor connects you to your friend's phone and a session is formed between your computer and your friend's computer.

Your call can now be handled as if it were an e-mail or a web page but each system must have the same protocol in order for

you to communicate or talk. This may be over-simplifying things a bit, but this method is less expensive than a conventional phone system.