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Contemporary Wall Art- Create A Fabulous Foyer

The house must stand to welcome you and your guests, and the porch sets a decorative tone for the whole house, giving you the opportunity to create an extraordinary first impression. If your decorative preferences lean on a sleek modern style, choose interpretative contemporary artwork to create a very personal statement in the Foyer. 

No problem is your home including a grand foyer or a fair scale entry, contemporary wall art is present in a variety of sizes, genres, and price range so that it is quite flexible for any entry space. Whether it is used alone or combined with other elements, contemporary wall art will give splashing colors and a brave style that speaks volumes about you, your home, and your personal taste.

Consider the walls that are seen by the first guest when entering the house. This is the wall of your focus and it must be a reflection of your unique style by color. Whether the room is large or small, the vertical room opposite the entry can be decorated with a style with contemporary canvas or metal wall art in bright colors and a brave design. Because contemporary art is interpretative and abstract can be displayed horizontally or vertically, which is best in the room. 

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In a larger room, two or three contemporary canvas panels without frames can be used to make focal points, or metal wall art can be used alone or together with canvas art. In smaller space, fewer pieces or one sized section can provide the main focus in the porch. Consider painting the wall in a hue that complements the art and makes it stand out.

Bring the multi-dimensional impact on the porch by adding contemporary work from table art into the mixture. Select a piece of the tabletop table with the appropriate size that expresses your style. Leave the mood and canvas style or metal wall art to inspire your table art options so that the combination of elements expresses meaningful interpretation for you.