The Complete Guide For The First Time Charter Fishing

A huge part of making your first charter successful is planning ahead and setting expectations with your captain. Charter fishing is diverse. This means that no two trips are the same. However, there are some aspects of fishing for the first time that are pretty universal.

Before the Trip

You can focus on making your first fishing trip a success with the help of experts of charter fishing via for you ever set foot on the boat. From communicating with your guide to knowing what to pack, doing your homework early is critical.


It’s vital to talk with your guide or captain as soon as you book your outing. It’s the best way to establish your expectations and see if you’re both on the same page. Here are some basic questions you can ask yourself when booking:

  • What’s the most important thing for me – time spent on the water or targeting game fish?

  • What fish do I want to target?

  • Do I want to keep my fish or practice catch and release?

What You Want Out of Your Trip

Even if you’ve never been on a fishing charter before, you probably still have an idea or two about what you want to try. This could be a technique you want to learn, a species you want to catch, or even a specific fishing spot you want to visit.

If you or your fellow anglers have something special in mind, now’s the time to mention it to your captain. Also – let them know that this is your first fishing trip! This way, they’ll have a good idea of your skill level and will be better prepared to show you the ropes.