The GMC Sierra Multipro Tailgate Features

The GMC Sierra MultiPro tailgate has six built-in functions that let you get the most out of your truck. You can also look for the best GMC multipro tailgate via

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Here's a quick rundown of its features to explain how MultiPro's tailgate works. 

Main tailgate – This is the standard tailgate that you will find on every truck.

The main tailgate with Load stop – Rotate tail guard so you can easily store longer loads.

Easy Access – Drop the inner tailgate to get closer to the pickup bed.

Full-width step – open the step from the inner tailgate that can hold up to 350 pounds.

Inner Gate Charge Stop – The second load stop for loading items you need to stack on top of your bulk load.

Inner Gate worksurface- With the load stop closed, you have a work surface for your laptop or device.

There are two buttons on the tailgate. One drives the inner tailgate and the other drives the main tailgate. 

You can also use a keychain to open the main port. When you press the down button, the main tailgate opens. It is damped so it will open slowly. From there you can download the load stop.

With the main tailgate down, press the up button to unlock the inner tailgate. This provides easy access and you can then fold down the step when you want to use them to get into bed.

With the main tailgate closed, you can press the up button to fold the inner tailgate onto the work surface. 

You can also pull the same load stop to use it for second-tier loads or for wider loads that don't fit between the wheel arches.