The Quality of Office Seating is Necessary

Seating in the office has higher importance than many workers would think. It is estimated that at least 80% of the time spent by the average office worker is spent seated at their desk or workstation. This can lead to a variety of different problems associated with poor quality seating and posture if the seating is not of adequate standard.

One of the most common complaints is a stiff back, neck pain, or even wrist pain associated with stretching due to an incorrect chair height. The Eames office seat was designed with these complaints in mind and how to tackle them. It was designed to be comfortable yet also functional at giving the right support in the right areas.

The Eames office chair is famous for its sleek lines and timeless design. Some designs are years old, yet still, look brand new! It is strange to think that their contemporary design is often generations old!

The design of the Eames office chair addresses the time office workers spend in their chairs. As it can be home to the worker for up to 8 hours of solid seating, it has been designed to be incredibly comfortable. Its comfort is down to the relieving of pressure points.

The design, levels of comfort, and high quality of styling has seen it grow to a bigger and bigger audience. This is likely to continue long into the future. 

With the number of people working in an office drastically increasing every year it is likely that quality seating will become more and more important. The Eames office chair was designed to tackle these issues.