Things You Need to Know About Eyelash Extension

False eyelashes can be described as a representation of original eyelashes that are glued to the lower eyelid. These are temporary measures that can be easily removed to improve the appearance of your eyes.

Eyelash extensions are a set of individual lashes that are attached to existing lashes. The extensions last approximately four weeks before needing to be re-glued. You can also look for individual lashes via

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Do extensions weigh a lot?

No, these extensions weigh virtually nothing so the possibility of your eyes getting exhausted is practically minimum.

What are these extensions made from?

Predominantly, these extensions are made from human hair, synthetic fiber, man-made fiber, and mink hair. However, the most common kinds of extensions are made from artificial fiber and mink hair.

How are these put on?

A professional beautician will select those eyelashes which can provide a solid foundation for the extension. Using special glue, eye extensions will be attached to the individual lashes. To create a realistic look, each eyelid will require 50 to 100 extensions.

Is it necessary to consult a professional for this?

Yes, going for a professional beautician is necessary because they can provide you with valuable advice on what kind of extensions to be used. 

They will suggest to you the most suitable kind of lashes in terms of thickness, degree of curl, and color. Also, if you go to professional salons, you will get a very relaxing environment that of a spa.