What Can a Cyber Security Company Do?

Cybersecurity and Information Security can be cloudy businesses for most industry outsiders and non-technical individuals. Unfortunately, this often means that people only realize its importance when they are in the middle of a crisis. You can go to a business like CloudCoCo PLC for choosing the best cybersecurity services.

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Patch Management

What is it:

Patch management is the process of repairing vulnerabilities in infrastructure systems. It is vital to reduce risk and mitigate threats to your business. Once a vulnerability is discovered, it usually takes cybercriminals only a few days to learn how to exploit it, so this is an ongoing and critical activity.

How is it Done:

To ensure Patch management is successful, the following process should generally be adhered to:

Critical third-party software patches are monitored by Spector engineers who advise clients when patching is required. We can conduct all of this in the background, so it will not hurt productivity.

Data Back Up and Disaster Recovery

What is it:

Second, only to its employees, a company’s most important asset is its data. It is therefore critical that data remains confidential, authentic, and available throughout its life cycle. For this reason, a Cyber Security company will always have it as one of its priorities.

Back up is the process of copying data and storing it to prevent the loss of vital company information. What is less well-known and just as important, is the concept of Disaster Recovery: the act of restoring these copies to a live environment.