What Causes TMJ Dysfunction?

TMJ Dysfunction can be a typical disease that is often misdiagnosed. It is frequently referred to as "The Great Imperator" due to the multitude of signs that may be associated with it.

TMJ Dysfunction (or TMD) is the general term used to describe the signs of joint dysfunction. You can also choose the best TMJ dysfunction service by visiting online sites.

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A few TMJ symptoms are:

  • The eardrums ring

  • Tinnitus

  • headaches

  • Muscle and facial muscular and facial pain

  • clicking or popping of the TMJ

  • difficulties chewing or eating

  • Back or neck and back pain

  • eye pressure or blurring of the vision

  • direct jaw pain

  • A tongue that is scalloped

In general, there are two primary reasons that we notice TMJ problems in patients: microtrauma and macro trauma.

Microtrauma is the first. It is the result of any kind of injury that happens internally. Another form of microtrauma can be teeth grinding or bruxism. The continuous wear and tear of the forces on the facial muscles as well as teeth can cause strain on the joint. This could lead to additional TMJ dysfunction.

If you are experiencing bruxism or grinding, a nightguard can help. Find out more about bruxism and ways to avoid this problem by speaking to your dentist.

You can also grab more information about TMJ dysfunction on the internet.