3PL Providers Support the Growth of the Canadian eCommerce Market

Supply chain and logistics companies recognize the increasing demands of customers across a variety of industries. 

From retail to pharmaceutical markets, to in-store and online ecosystems, the need for optimized solutions is key to driving revenue and customer loyalty. 

In response to an accelerating e-procurement 3PL in Canada, it proves to be the most effective and efficient catalyst for achieving these initiatives. This article identifies current trends within the eCommerce market and the top three benefits 3PLs bring to the shipment lifecycle.

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Canadian eCommerce Market

Over the next ten years, projections show that online verticals will generate 35% of Canadian retails sales. 

Consumers are no longer purchasing on a singular platform, pushing companies to shift from traditional to omnichannel strategies. 

In addition, consumer loyalty has gravitated from brand names to companies that offer immediacy and low cost. eCommerce sites are improving their product availability and shipment options.

Today, eCommerce businesses meet the growing demands of consumers by providing platforms that deliver immediacy and convenience. 

Top two Benefits Proposed by 3PLs:

1. Consolidation

3PLs break this barrier by offering freight consolidation solutions that streamline shipments using a single point of contact and stable operation procedures. 

2. Order Fulfillment

Online businesses need efficient processes in place to ensure all steps of the shipment lifecycle are carried out efficiently and effectively. 

3PLs help satisfies customer experiences by guaranteeing the accuracy and handling of shipments are exceeded. 

To meet the growing demands of online customers, eCommerce businesses must partner with 3PLs that offer a resume of optimized solutions.