Different Portable iPhone Chargers

Seeing the dreaded "20% remaining battery" popping up as soon as you leave for the day is something no iPhone user wants to see. Having a portable iPhone charger on hand can keep your iPhone charged when you need it most.

There are plenty of portable iPhone chargers that can keep your iPhone charged when you're away from a USB outlet or power outlet, but which one is better? Below are four general categories of portable iPhone chargers to help you make an easier decision.

Standard car charger

Car chargers existed long before the iPhone and are still a popular option. Accessory packs often include a car charger, which means that in most cases, people have a car charger for their iPhone right out of the box. You can find high quality iphone chargers via https://homekitaustralia.com.au/collections/iphone-12-solutions.

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Although the car charger is a staple of portable chargers, its functions are quite limited. The most obvious restriction is the fact that you have to be in or around your vehicle to start it.

Battery charger

Battery powered mobile device chargers simply transfer power from standard batteries (such as 2 AA) to your iPhone. They are generally relatively inexpensive to buy and easy to keep charged.

Just insert the 2 AA batteries (or similar) and you are good to go. A tip if you plan to use a battery charger regularly is to use rechargeable batteries. This will save you countless trips to a store and save you money over time.