Know The Difference Between Regular and Organic Cotton T-Shirts

If you aren't yet familiar with what organic means, then an excellent method to describe the idea is to look for organic cotton t-shirts. Comparing fabric is one method to signify the difference between a regular shirt and an organic cotton T-shirt. Organic cotton is a lightweight, breathable material that absorbs sweat fast and makes the body feel comfortable. If you want to buy a cotton t-shirt in Australia, visit


When you examine a T-shirt, you consider the substance that the shirt is constructed from? While it may be comforting to think that you are wearing a soft tee that's made of 100% cotton, it may let your spirits understand that most of the cotton plants used in the making of the T-shirts.

Cultivation practices of eco-unfriendly cotton include using harmful chemicals to create very high cotton. Chemicals found in synthetic fertilizers cause significant harm to human health. In fact, the 7 common pesticides used to eliminate pests from cotton areas are either carcinogens or suspects.

Most of these large cotton farms, owned and operated by large clothes manufacturers, use these substances. Studies have demonstrated that about 140 grams of fertilizers and pesticides are used to make sufficient amounts of cotton for only one T-shirt!

Now, how bad is the production of cotton? On the other hand, there are a few manufacturers, like the ones located in Australia, which use only organic cotton farming methods.

They don't follow non-environmentally practices. They ensure that farmers who turn to cotton areas are not jeopardized by these harmful and even carcinogenic substances. Next time you attempt to shop online for T-shirts, make sure the shirt is made of 100% cotton.