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Upgrade Your Traditional Bathroom with These Tips

Coffs Harbour plumber

Traditional bathrooms are good but upgrading with time can add to the home value and style. Besides a facelift, you can also add energy efficiency to your space. So, if you are still using a traditional bathroom and looking for tips to upgrade, you are at the right place.

  • Switch to Hidden Low-Flow Tank Toilet: Particularly for bathrooms with limited space, a hidden low-flow tank offers numerous benefits. In terms of efficiency, it also offers the advantage of saving water after flushing. And, moving the tank inside the wall saves significant space while making the space look better.
  • Textured, Small Floor Tiles: When considering tiles for a bathroom makeover, you will get numerous options for floors and walls. But when choosing the ones for the shower floor, go for small-sized, textured tiles. The texture will make sure you don’t slip during the bath even when the floor becomes soapy and wet. Plus, the contrasting texture will create a beautiful interior.
  • Get a Bathtub: Today, the bathtub has become one of the basic bathroom features that many traditional rooms lacked. So, adding a bathtub will add value to the home and ease your bathing times. And you can choose between a wall and freestanding tubs depending on the theme and size of your bathroom.
  • Add More Storage: If you have good space, you can add storage elements to the bathroom. This will help you add more neatness, creating an organized bathroom that looks and feels wonderful.

Besides, adding hooks, towel rods/racks, and windows can further improve the ease of using the bathroom and home value. Not to forget, do ask a plumber from Coffs Harbour to check for any faulty or worn-out parts.