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Effective Methods For Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are pest parasites that feed on the blood of animals and humans. Bed bugs appear flat and have an oval shape visible to the naked eye. They usually infest places such as homes, cruise ships, hotels and other shelters which have a futon bed, sofa, or a soft furniture.

Over the years, this pest has become one of the main causes of disruption in people's homes and people seek effective removal method of bed bug. They feed on human blood while the host is sleeping. This pest is actually night and would prefer to feed on their hosts before sunrise.

Close up of bed bug feeding

There is not really a disease associated with bedbug bites. Aside from them injecting their saliva on their hosts which causes allergic reactions, they do not cause any diseases that are transferred from the sick to the healthy host.

You will not really find bedbugs when they bite you. You will only see the results after you feel itchy minutes or hours after. The reason behind this is because their saliva contains anesthetics, which makes the host feel nothing.

If your house is already full, there are certain ways the elimination of bed bugs that can surely help you solve your problem.

  • Spraying alcohol on bedbugs, including their eggs can kill them in an instant.
  • Check the cracks in your home and fix it. The walls of the hollow are habitat for bed bugs and fixing these cracks is one way to get rid of them.