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What Is A Dental Implant With Immediate Load?

You probably have a lot of questions about dental implants and immediate loading, especially if you’re brand new to dentistry.Find out the answers to some of your most pressing concerns.

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1. What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a medical device that is inserted into the jawbone to support teeth.

2. What is an immediate load dental implant?

An immediate load dental implant is a type of dental implant that uses a quick-release mechanism. This means that the implant can be removed without having to remove any surrounding teeth or bone.

3. Why are immediate load dental implants useful?

The quick-release mechanism of an immediate load dental implant allows it to be used for many different purposes, such as replacing a lost tooth, supporting a crown, or replacing a broken tooth.

4. What are the benefits of having an implant with immediate load?

The benefits of having an implant with immediate load include improved stability and function, reduction in pain and discomfort, faster healing time, and reduced risk of infection.

5. How will I numb my jaw before the procedure?

If you are scheduled to have a dental implant with immediate load, you will need to numb your jaw before the procedure. This is done by injecting an anesthetic into your jaw.

6. How long will it take until I can resume a normal lifestyle?

Implant-based dental restoration is a relatively new technology that provides a permanent and more comfortable solution for missing teeth.

Recommendations for aftercare and follow-up care

1. Immediately after surgery, take ibuprofen and drink plenty of fluids to help reduce pain.

2. Take antibiotics as prescribed by your dentist to help prevent infection.

3. refrain from chewing hard foods or biting on hard objects for two days after the surgery.

4. Avoid using the bathroom for six hours after the surgery. This will allow the implant to heal properly and avoid any potential complications.