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A Review Of LastSwab: What Are They All About?

LastSwab is part of the broader LastObject company, which also came up with the catchy LastTissue. After that LastSwab is introduced in the market with so many benefits that you are going to get to know in the upcoming paragraphs.

LastSwab had 30,000 supporters before its final release. The team promising that every product they design must have at least 10 times the true environmental impact of the traditional single-use products they replace. If you are also looking to buy these reusable LastSwab for you then you can visit https://lastobject.nz/product/lastswab-beauty.

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What is LastSwab made of?

Instead of having a cotton tip, the top of each LastSwab is made of TPE (a mixture of rubber and plastic). The main mast itself is made of plastic and the handy little box is made of PLA, which is made from corn and is biodegradable. While some may complain that most products are made of synthetic materials, the point of LastSwab is its durability.

It's not something you use and throw away, it's a product that you can use up to 1000 times. Therefore, save the world from the appropriate amount of disposable cotton swabs. Yes, they do contain plastic, but it's important to remember that not all plastics are born equal.

Benefits of using LastSwab:


The main reason you're investing in LastSwab is most likely because you want to reduce your use of single-use plastic.

Easy to clean:

Keep LastSwab clean is a very easy task. Soak it in water with a drop of soap and rinse it off and let it dry.