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The Evolution Of The Mezcal Bottle Shape


The Mezcal Bottle Shape has undergone a drastic change over the years, starting out as a simple water bottle shape and eventually evolving into something completely different. 

Mezcal bottles  Shape is characterized by its unique look and design.


The history of the Mezcal Bottle Shape can be traced back to the early days of distillation. Prior to the invention of the still, mezcal was distilled in a wide variety of containers including wine bottles, pottery jars, and even water jugs. 

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Early Mezcal Bottles were Similar To Water Bottles

The first mezcal bottles were similar in design to traditional water bottles. They were made out of glass or plastic and featured a simple cylindrical shape with a tap on one end and a spigot on the other. 

The Evolution Of The Mezcal Bottle Shape

Mezcal was originally stored in clay jars, but as it gained popularity abroad, producers began to package their drink in more sophisticated bottles. Early bottles were mostly round or squatty, but later on we saw a shift to more slender and elegant shapes. 

One of the most popular bottle shapes is the tulip glass, which became popular in the 1990s. 

Why is mezcal bottle shape important?

The mezcal bottle shape is important because it dictates how the spirit will taste. When mezcal is poured, the long neck of the bottle allows more oxygen to mix with the spirit, which gives it a smoother taste. 


When it comes to mezcal, there is no one definitive shape that embodies the spirit and taste of this unique spirit.