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What Are The Different Types Of Marquee Tent?

There are a variety of different kinds of marquees. The one that is the most well-known today is the aluminum frame marquee. The marquee is known for  its unique design that permits the greatest flexibility in the use of the space it occupies. Since there is no support pole that is located within the center of the marquee, framed marquees let you design your event without the restriction of the internal poles that are vertical.

The majority of traditional pole marquees are constructed from canvas that is held in tension with support poles as well as ropes. The ropes are tied to the ground. Similar to when you connect a tent for camping by using pegs however on a bigger scale. The requirement that this marquee's to be secured on the ground, in order to keep its stabilities, is one of the primary limitations of pole marquees.

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soundproof marquee hire

Since pole marquees aren't placed on hard surfaces like sandy areas, gravel or spaces in huge gardens, their usage is restricted. After other types of marquees were introduced to the marquee hire market that were more flexible in the places you could place their marquees. Pole marquees were obsolete.

Modern frame marquee designs allow them to be placed on car parking areas or on beaches, even on the barge's deck. Since they are based on a sturdy aluminum frame to keep the tent's structure together Frame marquees can be placed on both hard and soft surfaces. They also have the benefit of being free of support poles that get out of the way of the layout of your event within the tent.