Types of Hydraulic Applications

Hydraulic presses come in a wide range of types, suited to specific purposes. Here is an overview of several applications:

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Uses for a Hydraulic Press

Platen presses

The C-frame press is an example of a platen press. All use a ram as well as a solid, and have a surface that is designed with stability in mind. They can be used for banking, drawing, straightening, punching, bending, forming and timing.

Vacuum and laminating presses

Credit cards are made with these presses, which encapsulate several layers of plastic. These presses can also apply film.

Stamping presses

These presses are commonly used in the auto and metal working field. They can cut and shape material with a process called deformation with die.

Transfer presses

Used most often in aerospace and the medical industry, these presses mold and stamp rubber.

Forging presses

These presses are used strictly on metal.

Two Types of Frames

C-frame hydraulic presses can be used manually or automatically. As a rule they take up less floor space than other hydraulic presses because of their C-shaped frame. These presses, made of steel, are sturdy and have very little deflection.

The H-frame hydraulic press is used for a variety of operations. As a laminating press, it uses two places, one for heating, the other for cooling. Using the two together speeds up the process of laminating. When it is used as a transfer press, flat material is fed in, often rubber, metal blanks or plastic. It is passed from die to die by a feed bar finger. Most are made for heavy loads, as high as 3,500 tons, but there are smaller presses also.

Hydraulic Press Types

Here is a look at the most popular types of hydraulic presses. Each has a distinctive application.

Post hydraulic press: these are used in precision tooling.

Arbor presses: these are used for bearings removal, assembly, seating stamping and repair of production jobs.

Assembly presses: these can generate enormous pressure to assemble and secure parts together.

C-frame presses: these presses are streamlined and sturdy, using a small amount of space. As a rule they have a single application.

Compression molding presses: these use two separate plates pushed together to compress material into the required mold.

Forklift tire press: these are used to remove solid tires off forklifts.